Mission Statement

Epicurus, the 4th century BCE Greek philosopher from whose name we get the word “apikores.”

Welcome to Apikorsus!, the magazine for those who dare to find their own path.

It is the mission of the magazine to provide quality content relevant to the unique interests of those who formerly believed in Orthodox Judaism. While the members of our community come from communities that  span the spectrum of Orthodoxy and include people who are Off the Derech (OTD) in the closet (ITC), Orthoprax, in the process of leaving their communities, and those who long ago left the frum world, we all share experiences and trials in common. It is the goal of the magazine to speak to those shared experiences; to provide an outlet for talented writers and artists from our community to share their experiences, insights, humor, and advice; and to be a source of resources and entertainment for the OTD community

There is nothing else quite like Apikorsus!, and hasn’t been since the days of the maskilim. The closest parallel to Apikorsus! are OTD-related social media groups and the occasional article on various websites or publications. This is the only publication that is entirely devoted to material by and for the OTD community.

There’s something about a magazine, a formal publication, that is qualitatively different than content published on blogs, facebook, and other online forums. There’s something about the printed page that has weight, especially for those who share the Jewish reverence for books. There’s also a level of polish and sophistication which can be achieved in a publication where multiple people work on and review each feature, something that isn’t present in informal online forums. And a magazine has a permanence that online publication does not. Many of the old blogs have disappeared. Even online magazines come and go, and when they’re gone, they’re gone without a trace. It is my hope that this magazine will endure.

A word about the name Apikorsus!

Why “Apikorsus!”? Isn’t that too confrontational, too negative, too harsh?

Perhaps, but that’s the point.

We’re not just nebechs who’ve gone OTD, ignorant tinokes shenishba who don’t know better or weak-willed hedonists who have been misled by our taivos. We’re apikorsim! We know exactly what we’re doing, and why. The content of the magazine is heretical, in the best sense of the word: a departure from the narrow spectrum of acceptable beliefs found in our communities of origin. We are those who have dared to find our own paths, and who dare to speak of it. We are those who refuse to allow “apikorsus!” (said in shocked and angry tones) to be used as a bludgeon to beat us into silence. What we say is apikorsus, and we declare it with pride! We are those who dared to question the unquestionable tenets of our communities, those who dared to entertain apikorsus, and we’re going to continue to do so.

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