Book Review: Remix Judaism

The Abuse Excuse

The frum community often fails to adequately support victims of Child Sexual Abuse. As awareness about it has grown, though, so has the Abuse Excuse: the claim that most people who leave Orthodoxy have been abused, and that the abuse is the primary reason that they left.

Rasha Mah Hu Omer

The frum world tells itself that it encourages questioning, but the experiences of those who have dared to question frumkeit tell a different story. A look at the chacham and the rasha of the Haggadah’s arbah banim shows us why.

“The Light Ahead”: A Yiddish Movie for This Moment

Ain davar chadash tachas hashamesh – there is nothing new under the sun. As frum communities right now debate how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, with some people advocating practical measures and others more worried about metaphysical concerns, we can find the same controversy in a Yiddish film from almost a hundred years ago.



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