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Issue 3

October 2020

In this issue:

  • Art: Expressions of Reality
  • Is Orthodoxy A Cult?
  • Poem: First Cause
  • The Wisdom of the Jewish Skeptic Blogosphere: Meet My Baby
  • Memoir: Unfiltered
  • Home as Moral Center in Haredi Children’s Literature – A Close Reading of “Messes of Dresses”
  • Fiction: Still Hungry
  • The Taivos Canard, Installment 1: The Infuriating Canard
  • When Mommy is Frum and Totty is OTD: Perspectives from Children of Mixed Marriages
  • Book Review: Remix Judaism
  • Kefirah Kartoons: Even More Excellent Perks of my Frum Upbringing

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